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Rewarding Relationships, Successful Habits, a Healthy Body, Intense Senses, Pleasant Emotions and a Controlled Mind

  • experience more rewarding relationships?
  • have more successful habits?
  • live in a healthier body?
  • experience sharper senses?
  • feel more pleasant emotions like joy and love?
  • have a controlled mind and think into being a life you love?

More than anything else, these six factors determine the Quality of Your Day. In every moment we interact with the world around us. If our relationships are out of balance, if we engage in negative habits, if our body aches or our senses send us dull signals, if our emotions run rampant, or our thoughts are out of control and directed toward negative thinking, we experience stress.

Stress is responsible for nearly 80% of physician visits according to an estimate by the Harvard Mental Medicine Update. Stress more than most things is a detriment to the Quality of Your Day.

Six Sigma for Your Life is specifically designed to help you reduce stress in your life and thus improve the Quality of Your Day!

Read on to find out more about Six Sigma for Your Life and how it can help you improve the Quality of Your Day!

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